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Why should we play our pen ?

We love to play with our pen for everyone who needs relief, empowerment and inspiration as the global citizens.

Save Nature

We must be concerned about saving our Nature and green world as responsible humans.


We explore thoughts of empowerment for everyone.

Explore our Earth

We love to explore our nation by diving into the Nature.

Meet our Explorer

Our explorer are pretty good and love our green planet. Our team always love to contribute by playing their pen as much as harder.

Sulaxana Adhikari

Free writer

My name is Sulaxana Adhikari, I love my green earth, I love to empower women.

Bhuone Bhandari

Lifeline Assistant

I am your Lifeline Assistant. I would love to suggest you to get meaning in your life.

Nirajan Neupane

Nirajan Neupane

Sports blogger

I am Nirajan Neupane, i would like to give you the sports update.

This earth is like our Mother, So respect it. Don't harm it if you can't save.