Empowering imaginations is an art of every professional. In the creative design agency, experts spare no efforts to create a video or ad that can rule over the internet and engage the target audience to dig out potential benefits for the brand.

However, in trying to do so they require advanced tools and software that can help them strive at double the pace and saves their time as well. So, they begin to hint the internet to get their hands on some of the great tools. To help save your time of browsing the lost here is the collection of best and free video editing and making tools you can try for your marketing video commercial ad. Read on!  


Filmora9 is a free tool to create and edit the videos. The tool is used to create a video cubix that can indulge the attention of your target audience. You can create cool character, add an engaging music and even insert a=some animation that can power struck your video to increase its overall appeal. You have to ponder on the ways through which you can maximize the engagements of your customers and give a huge recognition to the brand. 


GoAnimate is one of the most commonly used tools that helps the users add a professional touch in the video. The tool is so simple to use that you do not even need professional skills to produce a video. You simply follow the tutorials ion its collection and learn the tricks to use the different features. The tool has made a video making a fun and interesting activity to try.


PowToon is best used for videos having a bit of character animation or motion graphics. If your video has these ingredients and you want to make sure that it looks smooth and engaging, then you better opt for PowToon. The tool has a simple drag and drop rule that allows the users to pick their selected icon, image or pattern and drop it in the video frame. You can also check the online tutorials that will guide you briefly about using the tool.


RenderForest is an exciting video maker used to create short but professional video. The tool is equipped with a bunch of features that help the users integrate professional finishing in the video. You can try new ideas and create the video easily without experiencing any trouble at all. The charges are minimal and you can even enjoy the free session for sometime. The free session also provide ample features and options to create an exciting video. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video making tool that is not free but comes with a huge gallery of features and icons to add in your video. There are ready to use templates and features that can enhance the overall appeal of your video. With the help of the tool, you can stir engagements in your marketing campaigns and can be sure to create an exciting sales funnel for the target audience.

Wrap Up 

The process of video making can be made simple if you are equipped with the right strategy. You need to have a certain trick to engage your audience and to deliver the core message effectively. If you learn to exhibit and execute the right video making strategy, it would become easier for you to captivate the audience and to generate better outcomes out of your video. So, prepare a strategy first and then look for the kind of tools you need.

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