A landscape filled with trees looks beautiful. But it is important to keep these trees in tip-top shape. You should never leave them alone. One of the biggest benefits of living in rural areas is to enjoy the beautiful nature.

They will not just provide shade and beauty to your house, but they will also increase the market value of your property. Therefore, you should take care of the trees in your landscape and enjoy various benefits.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to keep your trees in good shape. Take a look!

1. Provide Water and Essential Nutrients

You should make sure that your trees are receiving enough water and nutrients for their healthy growth. Mulching will help to keep the soil moist for a long time and ensure that the roots of trees will get a continuous supply of water. Organic compost will help in delivering essential nutrients for the good growth of trees.

2. Wisely Plant Trees

You should wisely plant your trees and you can also take the help of professionals in the planting process. The tress service providers will first examine the quality of soil, climatic conditions, and consider the plans for the area to come up with the right suggestion.

The suggestions of arborists will help you to make the right decision. The planting of the right trees at the right place is the first step towards the healthy growth of trees. Most people forget to consider plans for a specific area.

You should plant any trees where you are planning to construct a driveway or walkway. The new construction is one of the biggest reasons for tree cutting. Therefore, you must consider the plans before planting trees.

3. Avoid Parking Vehicles Near Trees

You should avoid parking vehicles under the trees because the pressure applied by vehicles leads to soil compaction. Thus, the compacted soil will not be able to circulate air, deliver adequate water and nutrients to the roots of the tree. Gradually, your tree will start dying.

4. Whack Carefully

The grass mowers or weed whackers are enemies of trees. Even a small cut due to mowers of whackers can lead to the weakening of the tree. The small cut on the tree will invite pests and insects for infestation. Thus, your tree will slowly start dying.

5. Tree Mulching

Mulching is very helpful in the good growth of trees. You should move around the base of the tree and away from the trunk. During the mulching process, the wood chips are spread around the base of the tree so that the solid remains moist for long times.

Make sure that mulch should be one or two inches away from the trunk of the tree. The mulching techniques will not just be delivering an adequate amount of water but also help in preventing trees from lawn equipment. It also helps in reducing the growth of weed around the tree.

6. Never Overwater or Overfertilize

The young trees that are recently planted or less than four years old need more water and nutrients as compared to full-grown trees. Therefore, you should provide more water and fertilizers to the young tree.

On the other hand, the large and full-grown trees get damaged by an excessive supply of water and herbicides. The mulch around the full-grown trees will protect the root from coming in direct contact with fertilizers.

You can also install a sprinkler system in your home for adequate watering of trees. It will automatically turn on after a fixed period, supply an adequate amount of water to the trees, and automatically turn off.

7. Trim & Prune Your Trees

Regular trimming and pruning will ensure that your trees are growing as per they intended to be. The tree trimming and pruning process will help you to cut down infected and diseased parts of the trees. You can hire a professional such as north shore tree loppers who can help you with this process.

8. Collect Knowledge About Trees

You should know about the trees in your landscape. You should know what kind of climatic conditions are required for trees in your yard. In addition to this, you must know about their diseases and the right season for pruning and trimming. There is some disease that is specific only to certain species of trees. So, the right knowledge will help you to prevent your trees from diseases.

9. Examine Your Trees

You should take a walk around your lawn regularly and examine your trees. If you find any sign of infection, then immediately call tree service providers. The tree professionals will give you the right suggestion and prevent the trees in your yard.

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