Dream of the day - Heklang

Dreams are visualizations and imagery that our minds make while we sleep. They can have countless categories and genre like movies.  Dreaming can help us to learn and develop long-term memories. That you can read on : Medical News Today. Some peoples basically for adult, they may have Nightmares dream. it is bit scare and terrible dream. This is kindly disturbing type of dream, you can read more here.

Everyone have dream in their life. My life also have so many dreams. Dream of the day is quite different than night. Every individual person also have dream at day too. Obviously there are some differences between day dream and night dream. They have different prospective regards day dream and night dream.

In my prospective, Night dream is something like we can’t control, neither we make it. Dream of the night having limitless characters and pipelines. There are no any goals and mission of night dream. Its just a virtual imaginative thinking which is not concerned with our daily life.

Dream of the Day

In my language, Dream of the day is one of best mission in my life.  Dream of the day have dedicated to-do list for whole day plan. There is no any doubt about work plan and estimation, because it was made in fresh mind. I can believe it just because its not have dark, neither i am in unconscious sleepy .

Dream of the day may be bright side of my life. I created this for my infinite journey towards my aim. My to-do list as i mention in my dream is: writing , Exploring, Empowering and Chilling over the nation. I would love to not give you sadness if i can’t give you happiness in my lifetime. Save the women, save the world.

  1. Our nature contributed everything to us, but we gave her pollution’s, deforestation’s and so many harmful chemicals.  We are always going to oppose of this Nature, that’s why we got so many pandemics and so on. Its our fault.
  2. A single women cover, care and give birth even while she have painful situations, they didn’t stop loving others mainly Man’s. But we can’t protect her.
  3. Exploring the nature is so self-refreshment and adventures job for everyone. This nature give us fully accessible platform to enjoy, relaxing and anti-stress layer for our life, but we gave back to this nature during exploration is plastics, pollution’s and so on.

So i am here to ready for informed each other, publishing knowledge, experience and natural exploration. I am expecting from you everyone, your single tiny changes can support our green world more healthy. I hope of your support to contribute your knowledge to share among anywhere around the world.


Thank you so much

At last: Heklang is my birthplace, which is located in Palpa district of Nepal.  Heklang have countless beauty scenarios to watch and enjoy.