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Corn is a best choice if you are looking for healthy snacks that can be easily cook. We found the better home recipe for cooking corn in your home kitchen. Awesome you can go a head for cooking your best healthy snacks as corn.
You can check this video below for more details. and here are some easy steps that you can follow on:
Step 1: Remove the cover of corns
Step 2: Remove the corn kernels of corns
Step 4: Boil of corns with water and salt for 15 minutes
Step 5: Filter the water and corns, wait some minutes to dry
Step 6: Fry it in your pan with butter, ghee or oil for 5-7 minutes
Step 7: Put some sugar or salt as per your interest (Sweat / Spicy)
Step 8: Make it greenery with mint and buds
Step 9 : Done !


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