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Nobody unknown about big scariest situation we are sustaining in this world. So many child lost their guardians,  so many parents lost their child, so many peoples lost their friends during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic situation. Coronavirus started from wuhan to sprayed worldwide now days.  No any fact founding about its origination. So many media, global reserchers and specialist talking the biggest pandemic situation for our global community.  Peoples are posting Coronavirus tips about to stay safety in social media as trending news.  World Health Organization (WHO) taking  Coronavirus as a emergency Pandemic.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak


Sure Cases





Source: World Health Organization ( WHO )

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Public Advice and Tips against coronavirus

Basic protective measurements against covid-19

  • Wash your hands frequently

One of the best tips against coronavirus is wash your hand frequently. The technique of washing your hand with soap need also proper way.  Here you can find better hand washing tips Click here. Regularly washing your hand can remove viruses, germs and infections. Specially you can use soap, sanitizes and disinfectant for better cleaning your hand.

  • Don’t touch eyes, nose and mouth

During this emergency pandemic situation you should take safety yourself by don’t touching your hands to eyes, nose and mouth. Coronavirus can directly enter from your hands to mouth, eyes and nose. so be a ware of that can be a better coronavirus tips for you. you can read more details here at

  • Avoid social meetup

One person can be caused of thousand death, This time we all need to maintain social distancing against spraying the cornavirus covid-19 to the social. As a coronavirus tips for social, please again maintain and keep social distancing. don’t meet and attend the group, also circulate this message to your circle and friends. Read more on

  • Maintain daily hygiene

Fighting with the coronavirus is not easy . Maintaining a daily hygiene can here: How to maintain daily hygiene ? . that can very helpful coronavirus tips to fight against covid-19.  Daily hygiene includes regular exercise, essential cleaning, sun bath, water, diet and mediation and more.

  • If you having fever, cough and breathing difficulty 

If you are having fever, cough and difficulty and breathing please don’t be late. Go to the doctor and tell everything. you may have coronavirus covid-19 infected. Be calm yourself and believe yourself.  if you have this symptoms please try this self kit: Self triage tool covid 19

  • if you have visited anyplace in past 15 days

if you have visited anywhere in past fifteen days you should be careful and stay in self- quarantine at least 15 days. you must think about yourself and your family and other people living around. Coronavirus tips is to stay safe by being isolated from mass of people.  please follow the advice here : Coronavirus travel restrictions

  • Don’t touch animal or pets

Coronavirus can be transmitted to the animals and also from pets  to us . Usually we have pets in our home, so we must maintain some hygienic  habits. It is a coronavirus tips for staying safe your pets and the society by don’t directly touch them.

  • Manage self quarantine

Even if you are in your country you must manage to be in self-quarantine just in case you dont get in contact with people carrying coronavirus. Taking a self quarantine yourself is better advice or coronavirus tips for staying safe self and others. it will protect to spreading the virus to others. Here you can reach this : COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine

  • Wear a mask in proper way

You should always wear a mask ,anywhere you go outside from your house. You must also suggest others to be careful and take precaution by wearing a mask. Face mask specialist is here:  How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask.

  • Avoid handshake 

Even though handshake is a very common way of greetings ,now you must totally restrict this habit and follow a new way of greeting.  We can use “Namaste” as greeting. Here are new way to greeting peoples: Don’t be so handsy: 13 hands-free greetings for the coronavirus era

  • Wearing a rubber gloves while in public

The main path of transmission is your hand, your hand does much more movement around your face . so, it is very necessary to wear a rubber gloves while in public. If you wear rubber gloves in your hand, you will be safe by contacting through hand. Don’t touch your hand to nose, mouth and eyes while wearing gloves as well as coronavirus tips. Actually here is more details:  Doctors warn that disposable gloves can’t protect from coronavirus

  • Be Alert and supportive

If you suspect someone having cough,fever than you must immediately take concern and suggest for doctor supervision. As a good citizen be alert, be informed and be supportive in your society. Inform government and hospital in any cases and symptoms fond surrounding. Do share and sprayed information as coronavirus tips for all. Please follow the WHO advise , which is published in BBC Whole world ‘must take action’, warns WHO

  • Informing, smart and prepared

Being a human being we must be smart ,informative and prepared for any circumstances that can occur around us. Emergency pandemic situation doesn’t appear by pre-informing us. After getting informed we also maintained self prepare can get minimum risk from covid-19. You can see more about why and how : How cities around the world are handling COVID-19 – and why we need to measure their preparedness

  • Protect Others

It is our duty to protect others from being attacked by such a dangerous virus.  How can we protect other is by sharing information, alters peoples and do some care for others. Get more in emro Protect yourself and others

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