Ice skating on Gosaikunda lake - My Experience: Video - Heklang
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Gosaikunda lake is one of the most beautiful travel destination in Nepal.  Gosaikunda also called Gosain-Kunda is an alpine freshwater Atrophic lake in Langtang park in Nepal, located at a height of 4.380 meters within the district of Rasuwa with a neighborhood of 13.8 hactor with the associates lakes, the Gosaikunda lake complex covers a neighborhood of 1,030 ha and was designated a Ramsar site on Michaelmas , 2007.

In Hindu mythology Gosaikunda is that the abode of the gods Shiva and Gauri. actually it’s believed that Lord Shiva formed the lake when he thrust his holy trident into the mountain to extract water to drink. The waters are considered of particular significance during the Janai Purnima festival at the complete moon in August, when thousands of pilgrims gather.

Ice skating on Gosaikunda lake was so exciting and beautiful. The memory of Ice skating on Gosaikunda is forever in my heart. I also suggest you to visit Gosaikunda Lake. It so amazing experience.

Some of my experience are captured in this vide below:



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