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Beautiful Mom is the most powerful women person of every-life. Mother is just not word neither name of a role. Mother is the feeling and most sentiments of every life. We everyone have big space in our heart for our mom. Mom is only one person who’s have don’t expectation without our happiness. A beautiful mom always loving us, caring us and do everything us just for nothing for the future.

Mother is your first Teacher

In everyone life, No one be the first teacher without mother. The mom teach us everything since we born in this planet. When we born in this world, we can’t know anything, we just like doll. Beautiful mother teach us everything even taking milk.

Mother is your first Doctor

Beautiful mother is a first doctor of everyone life. When you are sick from the born day, only your mom have detailing about sickness that pained you. Mother is a kindly awesome doctor who know everything without having equipment’s.  Mom just not a doctor she’s hurt when you are in pain. When you are born in this world as single army, but you don’t have any friend except your mom.


Mother is your first and best friend


For a beautiful mother, no one can be a good friend rather than him/her mother in their life. A best friend can give you best friendship over our lifetime. A best is only friend who don’t have any expectation for any contribution or help. They just give us happiness all the time.


Mother is your truth friend forever


Beautiful mother plays a role of truth friend for everyone in their lifetime. A truth friend never hurt you for their personnel indeed. A truth friend always motivate you when you are down. A beautiful mother ain’t hurt you even they suffered by pain.

This article is dedicated to all mom’s and moms club. and also read our Feminism Section. 


Conclusion : Love your Mom, Love your Women, Love your daughter,  Love your girl.


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