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5 Plant-Based Foods That Are Great For Your Health

Most people think that eating meat only is great for their health. That’s not true. There is no doubt that meat is good for your health but it is rich in proteins that can cause some digestive issues if you are not consuming enough fibers in your diet. A combination of two foods is what you require in order to maintain good health.

There are tons of plant-based foods that you can consume. Most of them are vegetables and the other ones are seeds and lentils. The list can go on as we speak. The reason why you should consume plant-based foods is that they are rich in fibers, vitamins, and minerals that help in improving your digestive health, and they also help in maintaining your weight.

We all know that most people are suffering from obesity. Chances are that even you are obese if you take proper measurements than you might realize that you are overweight. This is something to worry about as obesity is a very dangerous health issue that can make things worse for you if you don’t take early precautions. If you want to eat a combination of foods then you should follow the keto diet. Most people are not familiar with how they can follow this diet. You can read the keto diet for beginners to get the exact idea about what steps you need to take during this diet.


It is rich in iron, folic acid, and other nutrients that help in improving your blood and heart health. Spinach has been around for some time and it is known for its energy-boosting properties. If you are weight lifting then spinach is really good food for you. It is rich in tons of nutrients that your body requires to stay healthy. The fun thing about spinach is that it tastes great. It also helps in improving your muscle growth.


When it comes to foods that are rich in fibers then nothing can beat barley and oat. They are rich in protein and fibers that help in keeping you full throughout the day. Eating one bowl of barley will give you enough energy that can last for a day. Although dieting in such a way is not healthy, you can have a good amount of energy by eating barley porridge. The fibers in barley helps in improving your digestive health that can further improve your bowel movement.


All these plant-based foods can be very beneficial for your health if you are trying to lose weight. All these foods are very nutritious and healthy. Chickpeas are also rich in protein and healthy fats that help in improving your metabolism. They can also improve your muscle growth. Most plant-based foods are low in carbs and most of them keep your stomach full for a long period of time so that you don’t overeat. Some people love to mix chickpeas in bone broth. Both are quite beneficial and if you look at the combined benefits of bone broth and chickpeas you will notice that it is one energy-packed dish.

4.  NUTS

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashew are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are obese and want to lose weight then nuts should be on your priority list. They can be used as snacks. You can mix things up with nuts as well. Some people add nuts to their food and other dishes. So if you ever have untimely cravings, eat a handful of nuts and you will be fine after that.


Basil seed and flax seeds are great for your digestive health. These two are rich in soluble fibers that make a gel-like layer around inside your digestive tract. This helps in making you feel that you are full and also improves your bowel movement. Mix them up in a glass of water or any other drink and drink it daily. You will notice significant changes in your digestive health.


These are some of the plant-based foods that I could list out. There are tons of other foods that are plant-based and you can add them to your diet if you are willing to improve your health. All these foods are rich in protein, iron, zinc, and tons of other nutrients that are important for your health. So don’t miss out on these healthy foods and improve your health.

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