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Nowadays, with the overflowing exposure of information and choice, it has become more challenging for marketers to grab the attention of their target audiences. Don’t you feel creating great content every time is a challenging task? Then why not let users create content for us? All we have to do then is to create and embed social media feeds on our website. Now the question arises: what is social media feed?

Social media feed is basically a wall which enables us to gather content from different social media handles and display on large TV screens at events or on websites. It aggregates content from different social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Types of feed one can display with a social media feed:

  • Account Feeds -posts from a particular account can be displayed. 
  • Hashtag feeds – people can create their own hashtag and pull in public posts by using the hashtag. 
  • Mentions – posts can be pulled in by using mentions and tags.

Say, for example, If your brand has launched a new product in the market and you want to promote it. Rather than spending too much time and money on brand advertisements, you can simply try user-generated content and let your customers promote your product. When people post reviews, videos, photos tagging your brand, you can use social media aggregators to bring out all these content in a single social media feed.

User Generated content turns out to be the most authentic, trustworthy and reliable content in the digital world. Let’s list out benefits of social media feeds and displaying it on your websites :

Aggregates posts from various social media channels in one place –

Having so many different social media handles, trying to stay connected to your users, promoting new trends, and so many other things can get difficult to manage, trying to keep up with everything going on and it’s very time-consuming even trying, right? So, why not create a wall with all our social networks in one feed and embed it on your website. For creating a feed, you need to first aggregate your posts from different platforms, for that, you may use social media aggregators for e.g., Taggbox. 

Changes the look and feel of your website –

After creating a social media feed, you can change the look and feel of your wall accordingly, as social media aggregators provide you with amazing display themes, background, banners, font colors along with brand logo banners and many more features. This will help in making your websites attractive and dynamic, and visitors on your website tend to spend more time.

Increases user engagement – 

With social media feeds, you can always generate real-time content with customers sharing their experience with the brand. It will give your brand more exposure, and people will definitely take notice when your brand is mentioned by any of your customers.User-generated content increases user engagement.

BUILD Social proof 

 In today’s world of social media,people don’t rely on brand commercials much .Opinions and experience of the customers who have already used the product or service are more reliable sources of information .When your customers post for your product they build social proof among people .

Improves SEO –

Providing more content for search crawlers is one of the biggest advantages of social media feed as its a bunch of user-generated content.When consumers post about your brand’s product/service continuously it helps in improving search rankings.Also , Analysing the most frequently used words and phrases your audience uses can improve your keyword optimization research.

Reduces bounce rate 

Attractive social media feeds on your website and positive user generated content will definitely increase the dwell time of visitors on your website . Dwell time is when the visitor is spending a sufficient amount of time exploring your website. Increase in bounce rate shows that your website content is boring .By embedding dynamic social media feed on your website you can reduce the website’s bounce rate.

Cost Effective 

If you are looking for an effective low cost marketing tactic . Displaying social media feed on websites will help you do it . The content is created by the customers of the brand and not by the brand itself . The brand can easily collect and curate the public content and display on their website or app .

Increases conversion and sales 

When people are loving your website , you have increased user engagement , developed trust and credibility of your brand then there is an automatic increase in conversions .


So why are you still waiting ?displaying social media feed is a great way to keep your website updated with current content from your and user generated posts for the brand .Try it now in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.

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