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With the ongoing CoViD-19 (CoronaVirus Disease – 2019), the governments in the world are advising people to wear face masks if they are outside. The governments have taken this measure for everyone’s safety. In the early days of Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals suggested healthy people to avoid to wear face masks, as face masks are critical healthcare supplies that should be reserved for healthcare professionals. Wearing a face mask may instill a false sense of security to some people, as they may be going outside without worrying about social distancing. Today, the Coronavirus situation has become serious, so CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and prevention) is now recommending the general public to wear cloth masks, such as the ST323 Cloth face mask.

What Has the Coronavirus Forced People to Do?

The Coronavirus has forced the public to practice preventive measures to stay safe from Coronavirus. The preventive measures include washing hands, practicing social distancing, and avoid touching dirty surfaces. As Coronavirus prevailed more, we learned about the safety measures that people should take if they are showing signs and symptoms of CoViD – 19 like practicing proper cough etiquette and self-quarantining.  

A Person Can be Infected with Coronavirus without Knowing about It?

It is also becoming clear that a person can spread Coronavirus, even if he or she is asymptomatic. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that it takes 2 to 14 days for people to begin showing the symptoms of the novel, Coronavirus. The second one is that some people who are infected with Coronavirus never actually develop symptoms, and the ratio of such kind of people is around 25%. So asymptomatic people are one of the main reasons behind the spread of lethal, Coronavirus. In some cases, people may be feeling fine and still, they can be infected while unknowingly spreading the CoViD – 19. 

What Is CDC Recommending to People?

The CDC is now suggesting the general public, put on cloth face masks in an attempt to slow the dissemination of Coronavirus, especially in areas with community spread. This recommendation is not about only protecting you, but also help people to spread this illness to healthy individuals.

A Cloth Face Cover Vs. a Surgical Mask:

A cloth face covering or a fabric face mask is a type of mask that is, easily available online, and people can also make fabric face masks at their homes deploying a bandana or an old t-shirt. The fabric face masks are not as effective as surgical masks or N95 respirators, but they are a need of time. The surgical masks or N95 respirators are meant for healthcare workers, so the general public is advised to give preference to cloth masks over surgical masks or N95 respirators. If you have an unopened pack of surgical masks or N95 respirators, then you should denote it to a local hospital.

The Right Way to Cover Your Face Correctly and Safely:

Certain guidelines are provided by the CDC to the general public for wearing the fabric face mask. Here are the dos and donts:

  • You should make sure the fabric face mask fits snugly to your face while covering the nose and mouth.
  • Make sure that the fabric mask stays securely in place. (Use rubber bands if they are a necessity)
  • Wash your fabric face mask regularly in the washing machine.
  • Make sure that the mask does not restrict your breathing.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if you are removing the face mask or before washing your hands.
  • Do not use a mask that is, damaged after a wash.

The fabric face masks are not recommended to the children under the age of 2 and individuals having difficulty in breathing.

What about the Social Distancing?

The cloth face masks are recommended to people to help them prevent and slow the spread of CoViD – 19; however, these things do not replace the need for social distancing. The germs from the mouths and noses of people may contain a virus, such as Coronavirus that may be transmitted to healthy people through the air if they do not maintain social distancing. So it is advised to the general public to maintain a distance of 6 feet (ft) if they do not want to spread the deadly, Coronavirus.

In the End…

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world today, so the governments in the world are advising the general public to wear face masks if they are outside of their homes. The Coronavirus has forced people to take preventive measures, such as washing hands and maintaining social distancing. Even asymptomatic people can be infected with CoViD – 19. The CDC is recommending the people in the U.S. (United States) to wear a fabric face mask to fight with the disease, Coronavirus. Last but not least, there are some dos and donts that people need to follow while wearing cloth face masks. 

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