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The year 2020 has seemed to be the weirdest year for the humans and there are still few months remained. This pandemic has forced us to love indoors more than ever before. It’s not an easy job to spend the time doing nothing and that’s a terrible thing I have ever encountered in my life.

It’s better to use the time and being more productive rather than sitting on the couch. You can invest your time in upgrading your home during the Covid19 pandemic. Tackle the boredom with your creativity and effort and transform your home during pandemic this year.

You can go with a complete home renovation or just perform a few home improvement changes; it’s all up to you. If you have any leftover home renovate things from the previous renovation, it’s the ideal time to utilize those things. This blog post about the top 10 home improvement DIY to do during the Covid19 pandemic will help you perform best home renovation effortlessly.

  1. Just Paint it

Painting your house could be the easiest and most effective home improvement tasks you should perform amid this pandemic. There are hundreds of innovative painting tools available these days which makes painting easy and can be done by almost everyone.

Whether you want to paint the walls with dark or bright shades make sure to be more creative with the colors. Additionally, you can also install wallpapers in a few of your rooms instead of paint if you want. Painting your home will be a fun experience when you will do it with all your family members.

2.Update Kitchen

The up-gradation of the kitchen will require most of your home renovation efforts share. Kitchen trends change a lot that’s why this space needs more renovation compared to other parts of the house. Apply best kitchen renovation ideas to make more from your time, effort, and resources invested.

Few top kitchens up-gradation ideas to go with:

  • Include smart kitchen appliances
  • Work on lighting
  • Update storage
  • Update floor
  • Introduce attractive countertops
  • Add a small herb cabinet

3.Build a Shed

A shed outdoor in your backyard could be the best place for spending quality time with your family members when you can’t hit the streets due to countrywide pandemic. Add multiple indoor plants, space for reading, small library, throw a couch, and a small coffee table to make it a more livable place.

Make it a little transparent to get more connected with the garden and nearby natural activities. You can even go further by building a treehouse and trust me that treehouse would be the favorites place for your kids and will help you keep your children indoors.

4.Repair the Doors & Windows

Doors and windows usually get damaged throughout the year and it’s the best time to repair them. You can also paint them to provide a completely brand new look and that wouldn’t need much effort if your family members will join you.

  1. Change the Tiles

Retiling can make your house a much better place to live when there aren’t many reasons to step outside. Changing tiles can cost you a lot and you must do it with the professionals. A complete retiling can be proved as an expensive move.

You can change the broken ones only and do the polishing if you don’t want a complete makeover. Painting the tiles can also be a great idea all thanks to the manufacturers who are doing a lot of experiments with paints these days and providing high-quality paint for multiple purposes.

Variants of tiles you can choose from:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Ceramic
  • Onyx
  • Granite
  • Faux wood
  • Mosaic

6.Upgrade the Backyard

Some house owners treat their backyard as a junkyard by flooding it with unwanted leftovers including old furniture, broken electronics, garden tools, etc. Trust me your backyard can be revamped brilliantly and it’s the best time to do so.

Few backyard upgrading ideas to consider:

  • Clean the whole area
  • Color it
  • Create a pathway
  • Install patio lights
  • Be creative with garden plants
  • Add a fire pit
  • Can add a small fountain

7.Clean the Gutters

Some people would categorize it as one of the nastiest home improvement tasks but truly it is very important. The clogged gutters and pipelines can create a lot of problems and you must make a great effort to avoid these things. If you don’t want to do it by yourself then handover this task to the professionals and get the cleaning things done.

Clogged gutters can lead to a smelly mess and that wouldn’t be good. On the other hand, it will provide a safe house for many pests and bugs resulting in a fatal infectious outbreak.

8.Refurbish Furniture

Furniture is the key element of any house and needs great care too. Multiple factors are responsible for the damage of furniture including weather, bugs, moisture, etc and that’s why it’s become necessary to look after them. Paint them, spray anti-bugs, upgrade and do other refurbishment things to your furniture.

Share amazing before and after pictures of your newly refurbished furniture with your friends and also share your ideas. This could be the best way to do something productive during this Covid19 pandemic and am I am sure you will not regret doing it.

9.Maintain your Pool

Without proper maintenance, your pool would become fewer luxuries and you must be aware of that. Multiple worse conditions such as green water, algae buildup, and broken filters can occur due to less maintenance resulting in poor health of your pool. Few pool maintenance tips to apply for upgrading your pool’s health are listed below:

  • Check the filters regularly, they are the kidney of your pool
  • Maintain the accurate level of chemicals
  • Clean the pool deck regularly
  • Cover it during the winters
  • Remove the debris regularly

10.Include Smart Home Gadgets

It’s an era of innovation and things have completely changed. Everything had got a tech update even your kitchen appliances and home gadgets. Invest in a handful of smart home gadgets this time and get more things done in less effort and time. If you think it’s difficult for you to choose smart home gadgets from the huge clan available then the list featured below may help you.

  • Smart home doorbell
  • Amazon Echo
  • Philips Hue
  • Google Nest
  • Belkin Smart Plug
  • Smart Lock

Bottom Line:

The pandemic has prevented humans from going outside and we have no choice other than staying indoors. We have got a lot of free time these days and we are having problem in utilizing that time in something useful and productive. Being bored throughout the day is common and you must look for ways to avoid it.

You can do a lot of things during this pandemic while staying indoors and home improvement activity is also one of them. With your family support the things will be easier and you can perform best home improvement even during these not so good situations.

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