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Nowadays demand for freshly squeezed juice without added flavours, preservatives and colouring is growing. So, fresh fruit juice business can be a great opportunity to explore for entrepreneurs. Fruit juice business opening seems an easy task. You just have to sell the juice after squeezing. But, in reality, there are so many things that you need to consider before staring your fruit juice business.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to start a business. You need to follow health regulations. Moreover, you need to think about juice shelf life, its packaging process, delivery, and so many other things. You also need different appliances to squeeze and store freshly squeezed juice. Commercial juice dispenser is also an important thing you need to run your business.

Here is a guide that will help you in the opening of the fruit juice delivery business:


Step#1: Contact Local Health Department


Before starting your fruit juice delivery business, you need to know the local health laws provided by the health department. You may need to pasteurize it if you are selling wholesale or you should make it in the same location as it is sold. To know the rules like this, you can contact the local health department.


Step#2: Decide the Business Model


You should keep in mind your target population or target market and then determine the business model you want to use. You may want to deliver to your valuable customers or use a combination of wholesale or a retail store. Both are useful models; all you need to do is to find your target market.


Step#3: Get the Right Equipment


For commercial use, you need to find the right equipment and of good quality. Please don’t compromise on the quality of your equipment because they can make or break your business. We know it’s a costly step, but this is a necessary investment. So, don’t save money or buy cheap appliances. Otherwise, you’ll be spending money on appliance replacement or repair.


Step#4: Finalize the Selling Price


Determine the selling price and other services provided by the nearby stores that sell fresh juice. It will help you in deciding the price of fresh juice. Moreover, you can also get an estimate from the cost you pay to suppliers. Moreover, estimate the cost of packaging and delivery and include it in finalizing the selling price of fresh juice. The price of packaging shouldn’t be more than 30% of the juice cost.


Step#5: Set Achievable Goals


Set achievable and small targets for yourself. Initially, you can estimate the sale in the first quarter of the year. Then you can set a goal for the first half-year of the first business year. Make sure your goals are measurable. As measurable goals help you in tracking your progress and effectiveness of the strategies you are using.


Step#6: Keenly Observe Every Detail


To make your business successful, you need to pay attention to each and everything. Because every decision that you make does matter. You can experiment with new strategies but stay lean and hire cautiously. Initially, start with a few people that provide you with the right foundation but later you can hire more with the expansion of your business.

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