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A start-up is not just a venture, it is rather a dream! You are setting out to change the world and you must take on challenges to accomplish your goal.

Your start-up can have a ground-breaking potential be it a creative endeavour or a software platform or anything else. It is not simple to make it through as a start-up and you should be applauded for that.

You may have huge amount of talent but there is one thing that most entrepreneurs lack and that is money. Raising money is not a simple task. Investors want to view transactions and be convinced that it can be used in a capital-intensive way.

Here are some of the tips to help you make your site irresistible to the audience. Just take a look.

  • Create a Page for Investor Relations – The first thing to do is presenting yourself as fundable. You should create a page that is designed for a snapshot of the start-up. Your page for investor relations should be easily located from the home page and it must be included.
  1. Info of Contact – The page should have the phone number, contact, address, social media, email and any other channel through which you can be contacted.
  2. Credentials – These are certain links to your work and what you do outside of the site. For example, you LinkedIn may contain vital info regarding this, which your site may not have.
  3. Executive Summary – You need to pitch here. As the investor goes through the executive summary, the summary must be able to outline the vision of your startup, your passion that is needed for the industry and the opportunity that investors can get through the startup.

You should not be afraid to offer a perosonalized rundown in your pitch. When investors go through tons of pitches and that is why your business should not follow a cookie-cutter formula as none will notice you then. Remember high-minded ideals and stats won’t make you stand out.

But what can grab the attention of the investors is a great narrative about the company’s origins and state why you think passionately about its growth. The data do not resonate but the stories do. Test a few options prior to understanding which options best represent your brand.

  • Target the Right Investors for Your Business – Your product won’t be everything to everyone and the investors are not an exception it. You should begin by looking for potent investors who can exclusively affect your opportunities of success – these are usually people who are well connected with the industry or know your industry well. The best investors will empower you to take your own decisions while providing the valuable advice whenever you need. Though this is quite difficult to assess but discussing with the portfolio companies can be a great start.

Take into account those who are investing in similar business model as yours. For example, if you are starting a labour market to enlist investors who have backed companies not just in the industries but also industries that link humans even with technology like dating sites.


  • Follow Best Practices of Web Design – If you want your website to be grab the attention of the users, then it is a must that you appoint the right designing company. You must follow the steps that are advised to you by the experts of the reputed digital marketing company and web development company so that your site visitors find your site to be appealing and can have a good experience without a problem while visiting or navigating through your site.

For this, you should use the visual descriptive mats that show what you are all about to the public. Display videos to the products even though they are not prototypes and you should meticulously describe how your product or service delivers those unmet requirements in the market. You should also include interesting contents that are informative and can keep the readers hooked.  For example if you are designing charities or crowd sourcing you should mention about your previous works which will generate goodwill towards the startup for both the public investors as well as private ones.

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