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Celebrating Feast of Seven Fishes With Burrata Cheese

Although Christmas is a little far away and is not till December; but if you are hoping to have a traditional Italian style Christmas then the cultures and customs have to be known to live up to the spirit of Christmas.

Feast of Seven Fishes At Christmas Eve

The most important days in the Christmas celebrations are the 12 days of Christmas that start from 25th December and ends on 55th January. But Christmas Eve also has great significance as in the night Jesus Christ was born. So this night is celebrated all around the world and especially in Italy.

What Is The Seven Fishes Festival?

Christmas Eve is an occasion that is celebrated all around the world by Christians with full sprit. But the tradition of serving food is different. In Italy, especially in the south, the traditional meal includes a variety of fish is served with choices including Burrata Cheese.

Why It Is Named Feast of Seven Fishes?

This tradition started in southern Italy as the people were poor couldn’t afford other expensive ingredients; so they used the most common of all seafood which is present in abundance. In all of the seven courses, any kind of fish is the main ingredient that can be seen.

What Significance It Has?

No one knows for sure about the proper meaning behind the named Feast of Seven Fishes but the only hypothesis can be given like; it represents the seven days in which God created heaven and earth, the seven rites of Roman Catholic, seven hills that surround Rome or combination of three for divinity and four for Earth.

The Seven Fishes Dishes To Put Up

The choice of having the dishes is totally up to you as you can order a variety of fish to add to your dishes from online stores which include Burrata House. But the main ingredient in all the dishes has to be fish.

The First Course Is Light

The first course has to be light on the stomach. The typical servings have to be bite-size b but with full of flavor. Salads with marinated seafood and garnished with garlic and parsley is the most popular.

Second Course Burrata Cheese

The next course can have toasted Italian loaves of bread spread with seafood spread. Even genuine Burrata cheese, mozzarella cheese, anchovies and tomatoes are served on top of the bread. Only olive oil can be drizzled over the cooked fish and bread.

Simplicity Is Very Important

You can choose to make the third course to be simple or have a dish that is a little complicated. The most popular fish type that is served in this course is scallops with a variety of sauces and especially pesto.

Salmon With Olive Oil

The feast of the seven fishes simple menu should always include salmon as it is the best fish to eat and preferred in the southern region of Italy. Lemon and olive oil go the best with salmon dishes.

Crab Should Also Include

Other variety of fish including shrimp, prawns, crab and oyster should also be included in one of the courses during the feast.

Variety Of Squid Dishes

Before serving the main course the guests can be served squid cooked in different techniques. His gives a colorful variety of dishes to the festival.

The Ultimate Italian Style Stew

To end the feast of seven fishes; the Italian style seafood stew and soups are served. There can be other side servings that can include Burrata Cheese, loaves of bread and salads.

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