Charging peoples for disobey the lock-down rule - Heklang
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This is the third day of lockdown in Nepal, During the uncountable sprayed Corona virus or Covid-19 over the world. According to the WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease which caused by a Novel coronavirus. So many normal influenza symptoms can occurred. Millions of innocent peoples are infected from different countries. Italy was crying for noways. But china stopped towards zero. This virus is so weak but it was capable of transforming easily to other non-infected peoples. So many country locked down their movement. As same Nepal also locked down day before yesterday. in the context of Nepal, So many peoples disobey the rules of lockdown, so Nepal police charging them frequently.
All the scientist, Specialist and chemist recommenced about to lockdown and keep social distancing.
I collected some clips in this video of charging by Nepal police: In my prospective it is right, because it is not kidding, charging to peoples is good who disobey the lockdown rules instead of dying thousands of peoples.
Find videos is here and comment us please, it is right or wrong.


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