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During the countless corona virus taking life of thousands of innocent peoples.  So many peoples are dying due to lacks of immunity power to fight against corona virus covid-19.  So many powerful country also effected by this virus. here you can find to boost up your immunity power.

boost immunity power home remedy can save thousands of life. so please share this post among your circle. You can easily make immunity power booster in your own home kitchen. You can take immunity booster three glass per day basis for 7 days to boost your immunity thrice than before.

Here is natural antibiotic remedy for boost up your immunity system. Me myself using this Mantra Jal to keep it up with my immunity power. It is very easy home remedy to make in your kitchen. Gradiants: 1. Water 2. Garlic 3. Ginger 4. Coriander 5. Mint 6. Black pepper 7. Ajwain 8. Turmeric 9. Black catechu Boil those gradients with water for 10 minutes and take 3 times in a day for 7 days. Your immunity power will go broom broom. No any Covid-19 or Corona can’t touch you. This Mantra Jal remedy is provided by Mahanta Swami ji (One of the greatest herbal doctor).

Here you can find video about how to boost immunity power. please do step by step as explained video.



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