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Typing Nepali Unicode : Nepali Unicode is a converter kit which is the easiest way to type in Nepali unicode font for Nepali typing. Type in normal roman font as English like mero below and it will automatically convert  nepali text into Nepali font as Nepali unicode which is best choice for writing everywhere. Nepali unicode is widely usable in any Nepali writing job which support kinds medias, machine or browser. This is also usable in texting, emailing, messaging, facebook, twitter and more. You can easily convert Nepali unicode font to preeti and other Nepali font as well. Now days you don’t need to write Nepali font directly into the keyword.

Unicode mean is uniform encoding for the different fonts all over the world. The fact meaning of  “Unicode” is a unique, unified, universal encoding. It is a group  of separate and unique code to illustrate the visual art, The specific visual art presentation the text characters set. Unicode has arranged set of code chart for all the characters and encoding. We can check example of Unicode, it display character “H” there is unique set of code, that’s why we called Unicode.

Heklang.com is website where you can different tools, information’s and nature exploring fact data that we have collected. Heklang Unicode page brought you Nepali typing facility with free and time saving options for you. You can use this Nepali writing page to write nepali phrase easily for your news portal, personal facebook posy, twitter and more. Nepali unicode is specific or fixed set of unique code to display Nepali font or character as a proper format. This is a online tool that convert Romanized English unicode to Nepali unicode.


Example of Nepali Unicode
Example of Nepali Unicode